A Happy, Thankful 2018!

What can I say about this year? It’s been quite amazing!
I started my business Hello Tallulah in November 2017, but 2018 is when it really got going with events, photo shoots and collaborations. Honestly it’s a dream come true to do what I’m doing! I thought it would be an impossible feat, to start a store and keeping it running, but here I am a year later! I am in awe of the encouraging response this city has offered. My customers are seriously amazing, sweet people who are happy to support small business.

People think my favorite part of running a vintage shop is picking the clothes and, don’t get me wrong, I love that, but my favorite part is “playing dress-up” with customers. I help them pick unique items and they show me their favorites. I love to see the various vintage styles on real people!

Not only are my customers amazing, but so are my fellow small business women like the owners of Koffee Kup, Broadway Pinup and Red Cat & Co., just to name a few. It’s difficult to keep a business running and all the encouragement, support and word of mouth recommendations are essential to growing. I love that we can all support one another in a variety of ways.

Thank you to everyone who came to my events, bought something from Hello Tallulah and/or spread the word about my shop. I am grateful for every small act that helps keep my dream going. The feeling of owning this shop and owning the brand is pretty incredible, but of course, it can be stressful at times. Nothing is certain, which is scary, but it’s worth it in so many ways. I’ve been incredibly happy to see the shop grow this year. Every day is something new.  The hard part of my year was losing my faithful fur-companion Tallulah. She was a rescue who with me for five years and went everywhere I went. She was such a big part of my life that I named my dream shop after her! We honored her here in San Antonio and in NYC. She brought so much joy and love into my life and I’ll never ever forget that. She was so loved. 
Around the same time, a friend’s dog accidentally got pregnant with eight puppies! My friend offered me first pick. What can you do when the universe sends you a new puppy friend? For the most part, everything has fallen into place 2018 and I am so ever-thankful. I look forward to the adventures of 2019! 

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